Why Sunbelt Solomon

Exceptional Service. Expanded Reach.

Since our founding, Titan QPS has made it a mission to provide personalized service to our clients in order to be a partner for all of our electrical equipment needs. In 2019, Titan QPS was acquired by Sunbelt Solomon, a national network with over 100 years of combined service experience. In partnership with Sunbelt Solomon, Titan QPS now provides the same personalized service, backed by additional knowledge, expertise, and support. With the backing of Sunbelt Solomon, Titan QPS can now respond even faster to meet your unique needs through field services, testing, emergency response, and work in the shop.

More Services

In partnership with Sunbelt Solomon, Titan QPS can now service more transformers and other electrical equipment both in our shop and in the field. With Sunbelt’s trusted rental options available, Titan QPS customers know that quality solutions are available. We continue to provide best-in-class service through our traditional offerings which are now augmented by the national reach of Sunbelt Solomon.

More Support

Backed by more than 100 years of combined experience in the industry, Sunbelt Solomon and Titan QPS can provide support for a wide array of equipment. Through this additional support, Titan QPS continues its mission to be a true partner with our clients. Our goal remains the same as it has for the last two decades: to provide best-in-class service and support.


Why Now?

Sunbelt Solomon and Titan QPS have grown in size and scope, but have never lost sight of the most important part of our industry: the customer. Together, we bring an enhanced scope of product offerings, service capabilities, and reliable support backed by decades of expertise. As we move forward, we are excited to grow and continue to provide an exceptional customer experience.


Our Industries

At Titan QPS, we serve a wide variety of industries like industrial, petrochemical, utilities, data centers, commercial, pulp & paper, and so more. From engineering and field services to testing support, our experienced team is ready and able to assist you with the support of our partnership with Sunbelt Solomon. We are NETA-certified and have all of the capabilities that you need from an electrical equipment service company.