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Titan has great depth for your engineering service needs, from arc flash studies and arc flash mitigation to designing ground grids and other consultation types of professional services. We are your one-stop shop for all your engineering service needs.

Your One-Stop-Shop

Titan Quality Power Services has extensive experience with completing arc flash studies that are required by the NFPA70E. Titan QPS has experience with SKM, Easy Power, ETAP and ASPEN. Our keys are guaranteed to be large enough to handle any size of study. We gurantee that we separate our studies from our competition. We will provide excellence and go above and beyond to suit your needs. As an example, there are requirements in the NEC 2014 that most firms are not even aware of and our recommendation to meet this requirement is to address this within your new and/or next updated arc flash study. Please contact us for more information!

According to the NFPA70E, a arc flash hazard risk category of “DANGEROUS” is a very severe risk / hazard level and cannot be worked on while energized, i.e. you must de-energize from an upstream device. These levels of hazards are extremely severe, from both an equipment standpoint and more so from your employees standpoint. Mitigating these levels of hazards require attention to details, good engineering practices and honestly common sense. There are many ways to mitigate these levels of arc hazards and we have the experience to assist you with mitigating your high hazard levels.